Please complete the form below. to sign up for background opportunities in our current film.  We are looking for variety of types, ages and ethnicities indicated below by date​:

Location: varies by date (see below) -Call times are subject to change

Thank you to all who participated on REUNION (2017) and ALREADY MARRIED (2017)! We are seeking background talent in the Louisville area on the following days:


  • Monday March 26th  (Morning/Afternoon) 3 high school girls, customers, students (Ages 16-70). Location: Mellwood Arts Center
  • Tuesday March 27th (Morning and/or Afternoon times TBA) 2 rescue patrolmen, 5 pedestrians  Location: Shelbyville 
  • Monday April 2 ​(TBA) 1 police officer, 1 hooded teenage girl, elderly man, locals

If you want your photo to be kept on file, please send to Thank you!
Costumes:  Please come dressed for the specific day's needs detailed above and also bring several different looks (wardrobe dept will determine the best option). 

No Logos, Tight Stripes, Busy Patterns, Neon Colors, Bright White/Black 

Hair & Make up:
Ladies - Natural applications of makeup; bring your favorite lip color, if you wish!

Gentlemen: styled hair and clean skin; bring your favorite styling gel/product

Kind regards, 
Stargazer Films / MY DAUGHTER VANISHED Casting Team


My Daughter Vanished (2018) - A thriller currently filming in Louisville, KY

about a mother trying to uncover the disappearance of her teenage daughter.